The Doma Hotel Group
Hotel Realm & the Burbury Hotel, Canberra

The Doma Group engaged Hemisphere Hospitality Solutions in March 2011 to review the sales structure and develop forward strategies for the Hotel Realm, located in Canberra. 

During this initial period the construction of our new property the Burbury Hotel (also in Canberra) was completed and opened in October that year - forming the "Realm Precinct".

Hemisphere assisted us in several key areas providing sound knowledge to both properties including:
* Re-negotiation of the GDS contracts. 
* GDS first screen availability. 
* GDS advertising for the Burbury Hotel opening. 
* Dynamic rate construction and training of front office and reservations staff. 
* Revenue and yield management training.
* Set up and implementation of the channels of distribution for the Burbury Hotel (incl. GDS, hotel booking engine and 3rd party web sites).
* Sales representation in the corporate market place and assistance with the RFP processes.

The Burbury Hotel opened its doors in October 2011 and we were delighted to open with 100% occupancy - a difficult feat to achieve with a brand new hotel.  Hemisphere managed the control of issuing our rates and setting up all of distribution, whilst we focused on additional marketing and the operational side of the business.

We also attended Hemisphere's Public Relations/Journalist night in May at the Blue Hotel in Sydney where we met with some high level trade journalists who later stayed at our properties and provided editorial in their respective publications.

I would recommend the team and services of Hemisphere to any property wanting independent advice along with sales and marketing representation to help achieve driven results.

Emil Kovacik
General Manager - Realm Precinct

8 Hotels Boutique Hotel Company, Australia

Eight Hotels Australia employed - Hemisphere Hospitality Solutions - services in June 2009 to manage on behalf of our group of hotels (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra) both the International and Domestic Leisure segments.

Over the period of the contract Hemisphere directly managed all of the relationships (on our behalf) of: the Inbound Tour Operators, International Wholesalers and the Australian retail (travel agency) network and Domestic Wholesalers.

Hemisphere provided Eight Hotels with the following services:

  • Introduction to Dynamic Pricing, including training to the property General Managers.
  • Review of Rate structures with implementation of a demand period structure.
  • Public Relations and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Contract set up and distribution to ITO’s and wholesalers.
  • Day to day contact with the properties with negotiation of contracted rates.
  • Establishment and implementation of major year round group business to pre-identified properties.
  • Establishment of a contract master file for all properties.
  • Attendance and representation of Eight Hotels at Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE), to key international wholesalers.
  • Representation of all Eight Hotels properties in conjunction with Tourism Australia in London and Los Angeles.
  • Sales calls to key clients, looking and referring opportunities to our properties at all times during the year.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hemisphere as an extremely professional hotel sales and marketing representation company.  They always upheld our brand, were willing and able to assist us in other day-to-day hotel business advice and were at all times friendly and willing to be a part of our team.

Paul Fischmann
CEO - Eight Hotels Australia

Rendezvous Hotels & Resorts International

Ralph joined Rendezvous Hotels and Resorts International (RHI) in 2005, the company at that time had seven properties and we had a mandate to grow the number of hotels to over twenty hotels over the next few years. Ralph’s role was Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing; over the next two years the acquisition took the number of properties from seven to fifteen. 

Ralph is focussed and a team player – his skills in positioning ideas and achieving the best out of his team were second to none.

He is well liked and definitely an achiever and one of the best marketeers in the hospitality business.

I would highly recommend Ralph to all hotel owners who want to see major results achieved - increased occupancy, rates with a mind on retaining costs.

Alan Featherby
CEO – Rendezvous Hotels & Resorts International

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat

This is a thank you letter to acknowledge your commitment to our membership since we took over the Retreat 6 months ago.  As you know with previous hotels, we were a member of a well-known Hotel/Motel group and were unimpressed with their people and performance. This made us very choosy and cautious about joining another Group. That said, we are impressed with both of you, particularly your professionalism and depth of knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind that the HHS team really know their stuff.

There are a few other important qualities we have noticed in your service; they are sincerity, enthusiasm, availability and willingness, all important aspects for meaningful communications and support.

Gil Williams
Director - KIWR