Digital & Online Marketing

On-line marketing of your property is a critical point in the distribution of your hotels information globally and by allowing users from all over the world to select your hotel over a competitors property.  Even more critical is doing it correctly!

The best approach to online marketing is two-fold: use search engine optimisation along with some strategic pay-per-click search advertising.  Not only does pay-per-click help you learn about your online target market as you go, but it can help you to attract more qualified leads online.

Image: the levels of involvement of digital media relating directly to your hotel distribution.

Website & Google - turn lookers to bookers!:

  • Web site strategy, design, implementation and ongoing maintenance

  • Hotel Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - organic search

  • Hotel Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns - paid advertising search

  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Online Distribution

  • Set up of multiple 3rd party online travel agencies

  • Booking Button and Channel Management set up

  • Database Management / Email to past guests, travel agents and associations

In Australia ther are over thirty 3rd party web sites (OTA's) a property can subscribe to, with more being added daily.  We will recommend leading channel management technology designed to assist properties of all sizes in gaining more online bookings and ones that are trusted by thousands of accommodation providers to manage their online room distribution each day.

It is the ideal way to gain online exposure to a multitude of the top performing local and international booking sites through one fast, easy to use, reliable web interface.

Social media set up & campaign management for success:

  1. Facebook

  2. Instagram

  3. Flickr

  4. Pinterest

  5. Youtube

  6. Twitter

  7. Google Maps

  8. Linkedin

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